Privacy statement

Your privacy is of utmost importance. Please be aware that any interaction with this website can compromise your privacy. This is not because we want or do track you but because we can not turn off tracking in the free that we are using to uphold freedom of information.

In the main menu, we have incorporated a privacy statement as required by EU law. The statement is in German only, at this stage, because the site´s primary audience are German speaking citizen and visitors.

In particular, when you leave a comment via the comment function, your IP address will be logged by and can not be erased by us. When you contact us through the contact form, your IP address may be stored or transmitted by We will erase your IP address and anonymise your message to us, should you ask us to publish sightings of military air noise in the ED-R 401 MVPA NE area.

Your messages to our e-mail address will be stored locally only and will be deleted from the e-mail server, as soon as we poll for new e-mail. Your message will be stored pgp-encrypted and can not be read by third parties. We will erase any and all traces of your messages, including local copies at our admins, upon your request (otherwise we keep a copy of your message for as long as it holds relevant information in regard to ED-R 401 MVPA NE. Simply tell us to erase all of your messages and we will erase all your messages and confirm that to you. To guard against privacy invasion by the state or the military, we strongly advise to encrypt your message to us (see above and below)! If possible, use a cascading anonymising services, such as the TOR Browser or similar, masking your IP address, when posting comments to this site or publishing information here. When you send e-mails to us, consider using an extra e-mail account and consider using open-source email clients, such as Thunderbird, in conjunction with using the TorBirdy Plugin. This recommendation  is for the sole purpose of informing on how to maximise your personal data´s protection against profiling by third parties who may be monitoring or tracking visitors to this site for non-democratic reasons. However, communicating freely with us, as should be always the case in a free democratic society, may strengthen this website and help to overcome anonymous publication of relevant public data of greater concern.