About this website

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This is a globally hosted website, educating our audience on the secretive but glaringly obvious re-militarization of north-east Germany, starting in autumn 2013, unfolding into its third year. The website is targeted to a global audience, young and old, anybody who cares for what happens within the EU. The website is intended for all prospect visitors of Germany´s north-east. Whether you come here for vacation, to experience the natural habitat zones that have now become a daily military training area, to tour the cultural heritage of the towns and cities of the north east of Germany, to hang out at one of the numerous lakes, wander the forests, visit the eastern Baltic Sea coastline of Germany. Visitors who come here, lured by globally advertised misleading touristic advertisement on supposedly quiet natural-heritage areas of distinctive character (such as the Mecklenburg Lakes region, the UNESCO natural heritage forests of the Müritz region, the Baltic coastlines of Rügen, Darß/Zingst and Hiddensee etc) and who find themselves engulfed by the daily roar of Typhoon/Eurofighter or Tornado  fighter jets, high or low above their holiday homes, may post their experience here. Affected visitors may find background information here, on the sudden conversion of a formerly quiet and demilitarized landscape into a regular Typhoon/Eurofighter training area for the German Airforce and NATO-Airforces. And they may find information here, about what´s actually going on. We are thrilled to hear back from international visitors to the area!

For reasons of institutionalized secrecy and a general blockade of transparency on the subject by mainstream media and government departments of Germany, this website has become the only online source of unfiltered information on ED-R 401 MVPA NE for affected citizen in the area. Thus, this website is bi-lingual, serving as platform for affected citizen to publish observations of military air noise above their heads. As many people attribute to this website, contributions may fluctuate, in style, content and language.

This website is to bridge an informational vacuum on the re-militarisation (after decades of de-militarisation of East Germany after the reunification of Germany in 1990), the vacuum being established and maintained by journalists, mainstream media, politicians and of course Bundeswehr and related institutions, as well as privately owned companies who profit from a spiralling daily militarisation of the homes of hundreds of thousands of EU citizen in the north-east of Germany.

Who runs this website?

Out of bad experience with cynical and/or aggressive and threatening government/military officials and political parties (full spectrum), this website is operating anonymously, strictly. The website is run by ordinary citizen, affected very much by military air noise, unfolding daily, above their homes. By affected citizen who fear for the ruin of their tourism business, due to widespread fighter-jet rumble and roar.

Because journalists block the subject, citizen, who contact the press will become targets of cynical nationalists and military officials. Nobody wants this. Free discussion on the subject is undermined by an atmosphere of aggressive mobbing. Nobody needs this in their lives. Nonetheless, this website is aware that anonymous reporting of the subject hinders many people from reaching out. Unfortunately, this is intended by German journalists and media who have been actively blocking the subject for years.