13.3.2018 – Militärischer Fluglärm über Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und Brandenburg | Daily military air noise above the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg Lakes District of north-east Germany

Auch am 13.3.2018 erfolgte die routinemäßige Verlärmung von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und dem nördlichen Teil Brandenburgs durch Kampfflugzeuge der Bundeswehr.

On March 13th 2018, several rounds of the usual bunch of military aircraft, with Bundeswehr Eurofighter-Typhoon or Tornado leading the packs, drenched the formerly quiet holiday region of the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg Lakes with thorough and agonizing military air noise. Fighter jets do multiple rounds of low-, mid- and high altitude attack, interception and „rescue“ exercises a day. Fighter jets are frequently seen and heard scrambling over head by residents and tourists to the region, leaving residents and visitors terrorized in their wake. Military air training has been steadily and secretly increased, ever since the secretive activation of Europe´s most extreme military air training zone, ED-R 401 MVPA (stretching above most of the northern German state of Mecklenburg-West Pommerania and the northern part of the state Brandenburg).

Multiple rounds of daily military air noise has become the outstanding feature of this formerly natural and quiet part of Europe ever since autumn of 2013.




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