28.9.2017: outRAGEing SCAREy MONSTReous – Germany, re-militarised

Ever thought of traveling the supposedly tranquil, natural area of the north east germany Mecklenburg Lakes district? Or the Brandenburg Lakes, for that matter? Better call Saul! And beware of daily military air training noise – new feature, added by undemocratic militaristic circles within the EU and the German federal government, with staunch support by state governing figures – facing a growing turmoil among subjects against the secretive militarisation of their homelands. Regular military air training had been secretly activated throughout the above region in autumn 2013 – and went completely non-reported by germany media, up until today. This website keeps you informed, we do the job that german chief journalists have been blcking for years. Before you head towards areas, such as UNESCO World Heritage site Serrahn/Müritz, the Western Pommerania Boddenlandschaft National Park etc, be informed! Check out the latest military air training patterns here – and plan accordingly. Avoid weekdays! Do not book in the Müritz or Hiddensee region – both of which have become horrible hotspots of daily rounds of fighter jet rumble.


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