Feeling militarized when traveling north-east Germany?

Fighter jets above supposedly heavily protected natural habitat zones: not the EU you wanted. Your holiday-destination in north-east Germany: a military training zone? Fighter jets in the sky, every day: you think that´s not normal?

Make sure to lodge your complaint: fliz@bundeswehr.org

Send a complaint to the above Bundeswehr e-mail address, make sure to CC to this website and to your local and European representative. If you happen to see your own countries airforce partaking in war games within this zone, CC them as well.

Join us! Make your voice heard, show your concern. Don´t let the cynics at Bundeswehr and of military circles within the EU institutions ruin last remainders of natural beauty, landscapes of silence and successfully demilitarized areas (most of East Germany has been demilitarized ever since the cease of the GDR – much of these formerly militarized areas turned into protected natural habitat zones of various protection statuses).


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