Open Complaint: CAF usage of ED-R 401 MVPA NE, CAF-induced military pollution by exhaust and noise across n/e Germany

Dear Madam or Sir,

As a citizen-driven „emergency-information and monitoring project“ onED-R 401 MVPA NE, we run observations and are building something like alog of the increasing military air training terror that has been on therise throughout north east Germany, ever since the secretive activationof routine military air training within the military air training zoneED-R 401 MVPA NE. I trust the Canadian Airforce is aware of the uniquecharacter of the above zone, of features, such as the mixture of civiland military aviation, the lack of rudimentary transparency tools, suchas the Web AUP, still active for the rest of military air training zonesthroughout Germany.

I would like to complain, on behalf of everybody contributing to thiswebsite (, about the participation of theCanadian Airforce in nightly and daily military air noise raids acrossall regions and areas affected by the secretive military air trainingzone ED-R 401 MVPA NE. In particular, I would like to complain about theCanadian Airforces Skyhawk 1 and 2 aircraft, being routiney the lowestaircraft flying around in ED-R 401 MVPA NE, when participating intraining sessions. Today, on Aug 22nd 2017, SKYHK1 & 2 could be seenflying routinely at or even below the official threshold of 3000m thatis supposedly valid for ED-R 401 MVPA NE. In particular, the two aboveaircraft polluted a specifically sensitive natural habitat zone, theNationalpark Vorpommernsche Boddenlandschaft, affecting summer holidayhotspots and natural recreation areas, such as the car-free Balticisland of Hiddensee and also Rügen, including Stralsund city and manyother places along the Baltic Sea coastline. SKYHWK1 & 2 have also beenobserved in last weeks nightly riads that stretched out to midnight,spoiling and ruining the very few warm summer nights that residents ofthis area can enjoy. Thunder and rumble of military aircraft filled thesky above north east Germany.Being a EU citizen myself, I feel obliged and entitled to complain withEU-coalition Air Forces directly, that are being observed utilizing thesecretive military air training zone ED-R 401 MVPA NE. Please understandthat this website is operating under Pseudonyms only.

ED-R 401 MVPA NE had been secretly activated for routine military airtraining in autumn 2013.

At the time, huge parts of north east Germany, successfullyde-militarized after the fall of the Wall in 1989 (a great achievementof the East German oppositional movement!), strongly protected byvarious levels of natural habitat protection schemes, with a strongeconomical branch of eco-tourism developing, were suddenly turned into a„military core area“ (Bundeswehr speech). And nobody knew about it!Nobody knows about it, up until today! The zone affects EU naturalhabitat zone, National Parks and even UNESCO Natural World HeritageSites, such as Müritz/Serrahn! Is the Canadian Government aware of this?

Is the Canadian Airforce aware of its attribution to the large scalemilitarization of previously quiet and tranquil areas of the north eastof Germany? Is the Canadian Airforce aware of the fact that the usedzone had been established and activated in secrecy?

The recent nightly military training sessions in low altitude terrorizedresidents and visitors, spoiled the few warm summer nights that are tobe enjoyed up north and added to the daily terror of military airtraining noise by Bundeswehr and others.

By the way: Candians are fond visitors to the natural regions of northeast Germany. International visitors are seeking nature-experience,silence and and quietness at night, relaxation, not fighterjets in theskies, up until midnight.

I am lost as to why the Candian Airforce feels the pressing urge topollute one of the last few natural areas of central Europe, sending inextra loud Skyhawk aircraft in the noise-intense altitude band andfighterjets in low level flight exercises above densely populated areas.

Right in the middle of the night. And during day time.

I request that the Canadian Airforce halts the use of the undemocraticmilitary air training zone, that had been imposed upon the residents ofnorth east Germany secretly, in autumn of 2013.

For detailed information on how this zones looks like for affectedcitizen, please refer to the in-depth documentation on this secretivemilitary zone at . The text is inGerman, but I trust you will be able to have it translated correctly(And if you do – I would be pleased if you were able to make a copy ofthe english translation available to the public!).

I would kindly like to request a full review on whether the lack ofdemocratic standards of transparency and participation of citizenbeforehand of the activation of such a zone meets the moral standards ofthe Canadian government and Canadian standards of citizen participation– that I hope the Canadian Airforce is out to protect.I would, on behalf of citizens seeking advice and information onunexplained military noise throughout their home-regions, suggest thatthe Canadian Airforce does not participate in a questionable quest byBundeswehr to militarize even the last remaining parts of the countrythat have, so far, not been part of rampaging militarisation.

I am sure that most citizen here do not even know that the the CanadianAirforce is partaking and adding to the military noise in ED-R 401 MVPANE. Most of these unkowing citizen would probably be surprised to findthe Canadian Airforce supporting an undemocratic military air training

zone above their homes, militarising their everyday lifes.

This is because there has been no information whatsoever on the recentnightly noise sessions by military aircraft above the Mecklenburg-Lakesregion, the islands of Hiddensee and Rügen, the Brandenburg Lakesregion, the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites affected by youraircrafts noise and exhaust pollution.

I am sure this is below Candian standards of transparency. I am sureCanada would not impose a zone like ED-R 401 MVPA NE – and use itaccordingly – on its own citizen. I am sure Canada would not sacrificeits natural national treasures, such as Banff or similar, turning theminto routine military air training noise zones.

Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to your reply.

kind regards,

Ed Itor (Pseudonym)


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