Follow Up on the Open Complaint to the Netherlands Airforce | Antwort der Niederländischen Luftwaffe auf unsere offene Beschwerde

Dieser Artikel ergänzt den Originalartikel vom 17.8.2017 | This article is a follow-up on: Open Complaint to the Royal Dutch Airforce
Mon, 21 Aug 2017 12:32:27 +0200

Dear Mr Itor,

Thank you for your e-mail in which you say that you are involved in a citizen driven information project. You have a complaint about aerial nightly military pollution above North East Germany.

The Public Information Service of the Dutch government only provides general information on legislation and regulations of the Dutch government. You can sign in your complaint about noise from military aircrafts to the ministry of Defense. This can be done through the online complaint form. You will find the link to the form below. (

Kind regards,

Public Information Service, Government of the Netherlands


And so I did. I sent the complaint to the suggested address. Here is what I got in reply:
Tue, 22 Aug 2017 11:21:59 +0000

> Sir,
> You have to address your complaint to the noise abatement office in Germany. Germany is not our airspace.
> Kind regards

Aha. I thought this wasn´t quite correct, so I replied:


Hello Mr or Mrs ***

thank you for your swift response.

I am referring to your answer „Re: Vliegactiviteiten van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht“ of Aug 22.8.2017, 19:11 CEST., curiously coming from – thus making it impossible for me to reply by e-mail.

This is an open complaint. I will publish this complaint at the mentioned website, as it contains relevant and important information for affected non-informed citizen throughout the ED-R 401 zone that the Netherlands Airforce has reportedly been using recently. When I speak of „we“, I am referring to those citizen who have been actively contributing to building an information and knowledge pool on ED-R 401 MVPA NE, information that is being denied and blocked by Bundeswehr itself. This renders true for the noise abatement office in Germany, too.

I understand you want to operate on a no-name-basis, as we operate on a pseudonym basis. Fair enough.

We would have expected the Dutch standards to be a bit above the robust, intransparent ones demonstrated and cultivated by Bundeswehr and german military personel and politicians. Your answer confirms our suspicion that concerns by affected EU citizen are not being met in an acceptable form – but rather by brush-offs and „looping“ re-directs. That is very disappointing – and doesn´t shed a good light on the state of affairs as far as transparency on an issue like the one discussed here is concerned.

Let me just express our suprise that, apparently, the Netherlands Airforce does not decide on its own on whether to fly around all across north east Germany, in the middle of the night and at what altitudes (noise)? Is the Netherlands Airforce aware of that it actually did use ED-R 401 MVPA NE, as outlined in our original e-mail complaint to the Dutch Government? Or has the Dutch Airforce never even used ED-R 401 MVPA NE – the reports in local newspapers actually being incorrect – or fake news? If this should be the case, please ignore our question and complaint.

Since we believe this not being true (that you do not know about your own operations), it appears you did not read our request and our questions. Could we kindly request a full answer to our valid questions?

Please note that I was pointed to you by the Public Information Service, Government of the Netherlands. Many of the affected citizen here have already contacted the relevant german authorities. To no avail. If we were to complain about Dutch fighter jets with the Bundeswehr, they would send us to you – denying responsibility for Dutch fighter planes. I am sure you will see being the most likely outcome, if we were to follow your redirection.

Please consider the information needs of EU citizen, affected by the noise that the Dutch fighter jets emit when flying across north east Germany. Certainly, affected citizen will welcome a break from Bundeswehr-like secrecy and intransparency. The Netherlands could lead the way, setting the standards. Just as you do in your own country, known for a high level of government transparency. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Ed Itor (Pseudonym)




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