18. Juli 2017: militärischer Flugübungsterror über Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rügen, Hiddensee, Nordbrandenburg, United States Airforce partaking in undemocratic noise pollution zone ED-R 401 MVPA NE above n/e Germany

On July 18th, United States Airforce Tanker aircraft joined a dozen of military fighter jets and other military aircraft in an unprecedented military noise attack on the residents and visitors of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state and the norther part of Brandenburg state in north-east Germany.

As far as we can make out, this is a premiere for heavy NATO aircraft to routinely abuse the secretive military air training noise zone ED-R 401 MVPA NE, secretly established in 2007, subsequently subjected to sublime changes of aerial coverage over the years, with sublime extensions of military use. In 2013, the zone had been secretly transferred into a „routine military air training“. Residents, politicians and journlists, up to today, haven´t got a clue about this zone.

This website informs and educates the affected public since 2013. We have forecast, and documented the secretive establishment, operation and the steady extension of militarisation throughout large swaths of north-east Germany, where unique natural habitat zones had been established in the wake of de-militarization in 1989 by visionry folks – turned into military noise sinks by cynical EU/GER military geeks and freaks in autumn 2013.

In autumn 2013, over night, half of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, including unique natural treasures, such the UNESCO Müritz National park, the Ancient Beech Forests of central Europe, the islands of Hiddensee (car-free) and Rügen, the pristine and – formerly – tranquil natural lakes of the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg Lakes region, not to mention the numerous towns, villages and cities, had been secretly subjected to routine military air training of an extreme extend. Civil and military air traffic is routed simultanously here – a worlds first!

The entire fleet of Germany´s Typhoon and Tornado fleet is being re-located to Germany. The zone ED-R 401 MVPA NE is Germany´s only extensive air training space, with military-pleasing Ad-Hoc-Air-Training-Sectors, completely opaque to the affected hundred thousands of residents, national and international visitors alike.

The zone started out with „slight“ military training „missions“, originating from Rostock-Laage airport. This website has been warning against the sublime constant increase of the daily poison of military air noise and the daily terror of fighter jets in the skies right above densely populated areas of central Europe, above pristine and unique, quiet and natural habitat zones and recreational destinations for thousands of visitors.

Where there were tranquil, unique natural landscapes and – supposedly – heavily protected natural habitat zones, today, there are landscapes where military air noise has become the most prominent characteric. A major loss of a huge, tranquil and peaceful swath of land went completely non-reported. Censored, the issue suppressed, with journalists acting as road-blocks, rather than reporting what actually happens, with politicians, sabotaging citizen, who investigate and – trustfully – work with these politicians, initially. Fundamental – and already very truncated – freedom-of-information on military air training zones, such as online scheduling system Web Airspace Use Plan (which allows citizen to preview scheduling of air training missions for so called TRA zones throughout Germany), had been actively denied, leaving citizen in the dark on even the most basic information on what´s going on above their heads, in the sky. A locked up system had been installed instead, with the military misleading investigating citizen, as to anything similar to Web AUP.

Today, on July 18th 2017, we whitness a super massive escalation of daily military air terror above the area, with  around a dozen (!) fighter jets simulatanously to be observed on the virtual radar (see images on this page). It looks and sounds like WWIII above Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg.

According to 2+4 agreement United States Airforce is a blunt violation of the spirit of the agreement – which is to de-militarize the east of Germany. In fact, East Germany sees its worst re-militarization in these days.

Join the this webiste, in order to curb rampant militarization of unique natural habitat zones of north east Germany. Be informed, make your voice heard. Please share your observations of military air terror when travelling in north east Germany. Drop us an email to edr401mvpa@posteo.eu or leave a note by use of the contact form.



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