Bundeswehr täglicher Fluglärm Mecklenburg Brandenburg

4. Juli 2017: militärischer Fluglärm über der Mecklenburger Seenplatte, Hiddensee/Rügen/Darß/Zingst, Stralsund und Umgebung, Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Stechlin-Ruppin usw

Veröffentlichen Sie hier Ihre Beobachtungen: e-mail an edr401mvpa@posteo.eu oder per Kontaktformular auf dieser Website. Lassen Sie sich nicht vereinzelfallen und finden Sie sich nicht mit der diktatorischen Flugzone ED-R 401 MVPA über Ihrem Wohn-, Arbeits- oder Urlaubsort ab.

Feeling militarized when holidaying in north-east Germany?  Have you heard of secretive military flight exercise zone ED-R 401 MVPA NE, established secretly in 2007, expanded ever since, and finally secretly turned into a regular military air training zone on the extreme end – above huge parts of north-east Germany?

Lassen Sie mich Ihnen abschließend versichern, dass das Bundesministerium der Verteidigung dafür Sorge trägt, dass der militärische Flugbetrieb nur in dem für die sachgerechte Ausbildung der fliegenden Besatzungen erforderlichen Umfang durchgefuührt und damit die Belastung für die Bevölkerung auf das unvermeidbare Mindestmaß begrenzt wird. {häufiger Textbaustein in den Briefen der Bundeswehr an unbotmäßige Zivilisten , 2016}

Die Fürsorge des Bundesministeriums für Verteidigung ist auch in den stichprobenartigen und natürlich unvollständigen Aufzeichnungen des militärischen Fluglärms über der Mecklenburger Seenplatte und anderswo vom 4.7.2017 wieder deutlich zu erkennen:

Bundeswehr täglicher Fluglärm Mecklenburg Brandenburg


Starting in 2013, the entire north-east of Germany has been subjected to a covert and subliminal constant extension of military air training throughout, stretching, today, from the Berlin outskirts right out above the formerly tranquil islands of Hiddensee and Rügen. Affecting unique and important EU natural habitat zones, including UNESCO World Natural Heritage areas, such as Müritz National Park, the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany (Jasmund, Serrhan, Grumsin), National Park Vorpommernsche Boddenlandschaft, not stopping short of actively polluting the Stechlin-Ruppin Lakes region , by way of „fuel-leaking“ and exhaust plumes, and the Feldberg Lakes area, the central parts of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state. The Mecklenburg Lakes region and the northern Brandenburg natural habitat zones  with the northern Brandenburg Lakes region of Rheinsberg and Zechlin, have become prime targets for daily military air noise raids by the German Air Force´ Eurofighter/Typhoon and Tornado fleet (which are being re-deployed to Germany and drawn from their previous training grounds in north America). Not to speak of entire cities, towns and villages, becoming daily target and noise-victims of Bundeswehr Eurofighter and Tornado jets, accompanied by tanker aircraft and target planes – all playing out air-warfare above densely populated parts of Europe.

ED-R 401 MVPA NE (Military Variable Profile Area North East) is a EU-designed military ad-hoc-training zone that had been deployed in Germany as a world-first. The entire north east of Germany, originally successfully de-militarized after the fall of the Wall in 1989, slowly recovering from ages of cold war militarization, finally turned into a chain of protected natural habitat zones by visionary folks, developing into a prime destination for eco-Tourism from throughout Europe and the world, has been secretly converted into Europe´s worst ever and probably largest military air training zone, abused and utilized militarily on a daily basis! This is in ever expanding patterns, in regards to the length of training sessions, the number of participating aircraft, actual training patterns in all altitudes and in regard to the number of repeated air noise rounds per day, as well as in aerial spread of simultaneous military pollution throughout the entire zone (currently a „three-hotspots-approach“ can be monitored, with packs of military jets focusing air noise onto any three different regions throughout the zone – of course leading to wide spread military air noise in neighboring regions, too).

Please send your observations of and your thoughts on military air noise above north east Germany to this website. We are working with you, in order to dismantle the undemocratic and secretive cementing of military air noise raids against citizen and visitors of north east Germany alike. Save your holiday destination and work with us, in order to save unique natural habitat zones, protected by national and international law (UNESCO, EU Habitat zones, National Parks etc). This site is dedicated to EU-wide prevention of under-the-radar and wide spread MVPA-like militarization, as is currently being observed above north east Germany. Send your thoughts and observations to: edr401mvpa@posteo.eu or use our contact form here on site.

Are you a journalist, investigating this story? The paper on ED-R 401 MVPA NE on this site´s homepage is the best in-depth-material on the subject, as to date. An English version will be eventually published. The authors of the paper can be contacted through (encrypted) e-mail (please see homepage for details). For further information on the obfuscation-aspect and how the german media and political parties are trying to cover up and suppress this issue, please be in touch. We can probably add some detail to your story.


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