Bouncing back from sabotage

After the the author of a predecessor project of this site shut down their website, in protest of active sabotaging by Bündnis90/Greens of one of their sources, earlier this year, this mirror project is finally kicking back in the Google search rank! We are becoming number one information source again – on the secret issue of re-militarisation of north-east Germany by way of the establishment of heavy routine daily military air training noise above half of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg states, back in autumn 2013, with a constant increase of spread, duration and number of aircraft involved, through the covert installation of ED-R 401 Military Variable Profile Area North East (MVPA NE).

Spread the word! Do not plan your holidays in north east Germany any more. Be informed, seek transparency from your European representative. Thanks for your interest on the subject, everybody!




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