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We´re back!

This website is a mirror of, a german website that traced the picture of militarisation of north-east Germany. That website had been indirectly sabotaged by the Green Party of Germany and had been taken offline.

We are taking it to the next level: the subject of militarization via a European institution (Eurocontrol), the secretive establishment of a world-first military „flexible“ air zone, the complete undermining of rudimentary remainders of protective limitations, such as on super low flights of below 300 meters, the collaboration of civil institutions, meant to counter-check such military projects, the disinterest of media and politics in the issue, and not at last, the discrediting of cirtics and citizen who speak out and seek information on the issue. This has become a European issue, we believe.

This is a bi-lingual website, most entries will be in German and English, for international guests and European citizen to be understood.

Thanks for your continuous support! Keep posting here, spread the URL:


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