Verfauchung von Rheinsberg, 14.10.2015

Gegen 15.30 Uhr kam es am 14.10.2015 zur typisch militärischen „Verfauchung“ des Himmels (und der Landschaft darunter) von Rheinsberg, kurzzeitiger Höhenfluglärm störte die Ruhe. Zur gleichen Zeit befanden sich keine auf sichtbaren zivilen Flugzeuge über der Region.

A high flying (supposedly) military aircraft noise-polluted the popular touristic Rheinsberg area on Oct 14th at around 15.30 CEST. At the same time shows no civil aviation in the affected area. The area had been secretly subjected to „regular“ military flight noise in autumn 2013, when the so called military training zone ED-R 401 MVPA North East was secretly activated by the german military and its sympathisizers within the german civil aviation authority. ED-R 401 MVPA North East has still not been made publicly aware. Information on ED-R 401 is actively supressed by the german military Bundeswehr, the mainstream press and is not actively persued by all political parties in the affected area. Supression of information, on the part of Bundeswehr, is mainly by incomplete or misleading information, that is given on a case-to-case basis only and only to selected people (it is known that at least one person had been outspokenly excluded from further replies or correspondence by the Bundeswehr). If you are a journalist, investigating the militarisation of everyday life in Europe, or if you seek further information on this, also, if you are an international visitor to the famous lakes and wilderness areas in the area, please be in touch.


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